Monday, March 03, 2008

Conservation of Wetlands

On February 2, 2008, La Manzanilla was chosen as 1 of 7 estuaries / wetlands to be protected by the RAMSAR project. Please see whose mission statement is: "Conservation and wise use of all wetlands through local, regional and national action and international cooperation as a contribution towards achieving sustainable development throughout the world."

What this means is, La Manzanilla has been chosen to make plans to save our estuary, our water supply and our natural flora and fauna. It includes re-forestation which can create an atmosphere where the rain water will no longer run off the hills in erosion, but soak into the water aquafer through the tree roots. This also means we, as members of this community, may find ourselves volunteering to plant tree seedlings in the hills, or atleast supporting the efforts of those who do. MSc Francisco Silva, Chief of Department of Studies for Sustainable Development of Coastal Zones of the University of Guadalajara (Melaque) was responsible for the elaboration of the technical and scientific proposal given to the RAMSAR Convention. He and authorities of Jalisco State and municipality will visit La Manzanilla in order to meet with our community and establish a work plan. Please stay tuned for further developments.
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La Manzanilla, a village of approximately 1,500 indigenous and winter residents, is located in the southwest corner of the state of Jalisco along what is known as Costalegre (Costa Alegre) or the "happy coast".

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