Sunday, December 30, 2007

La Catalina Foundation - Winter Newsletter

Just an example of what a Costalegre community group can do - and how to communicate !!!

Issue 8 – Winter 2007 La Manzanilla, Jalisco, México


Working with our local middle school, La Catalina Educational Foundation assisted with completing a grant application to receive 10 new computers. Out of 20 schools in the State of Jalisco that applied, La Manzanilla middle school was proud to be one of three schools that won the grant. Our seventy middle school students and their teachers are eagerly awaiting the delivery and installation of these new computers along with the 5 year free high-speed internet access that was awarded as part of the grant. Thank you to foundation board member and middle school principal, Valentín Chavez Castro and our intern Dean Klompas for their great efforts!


As we are in the process of planning for the construction of a community educational center, we have been surveying the Mexican community of La Manzanilla to see what kind of educational services and facilities they would like to see for their children and grandchildren. Our first community survey was conducted to 29 Ejiditarians. This survey is also being administered to the teachers and school administrators, the “Padres de las Familias”, the middle school students, and other groups of Mexican residents in the community.

The following are the results from three of the primary questions from our first batch of surveys administered to the Ejiditarians in October 2007.

[To view tables with survey results, please visit the website at the link below]:

Website and survey results
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La Manzanilla, a village of approximately 1,500 indigenous and winter residents, is located in the southwest corner of the state of Jalisco along what is known as Costalegre (Costa Alegre) or the "happy coast".

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