Sunday, March 25, 2007

Boca de Iguanas - Hotel - Beach Club - Spa - Community

And here's what you can pay $350,000 to $500,000us (only guessing - prices not yet posted) and pretend you are anywhere other than Mexico.

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Life at Boca de Iguanas revolves around a dynamic community center inspired by the traditional pueblito at the heart of Mexico’s colonial heritage. First-class resort living mixes colorful, old-world architecture with contemporary Mexican design in a refreshing natural haven that features a boutique hotel, beach club and a holistic spa all situated around a rare mangrove ecosystem.

Located 40 minutes north of Manzanillo International Airport, Boca de Iguanas offers single-family ocean view homes and condos nestled in the jungle, gentle waves lapping a cream sand beach, fresh organic meals served under the stars and exceptional service.

Stand-alone “green” homes designed in a traditional Mexican pueblo theme will be set against ponds and mangroves surrounded by primordial jungle. The result is a pristine setting that allows residents and vacationers to experience the stunning natural beauty of the area while indulging in first-class amenities.

Boca de Iguanas will offer an unparalleled 21st century vacation/lifestyle experience in a pristine, ecologically-progressive gated community, with 24 hour security, alternative clean energy sources and underground utilities.

The development will revolve around a dynamic community center inspired by the traditional pueblito, with dining and shopping, open plazas and old stone fountains reminiscent of Mexico’s colonial heritage. Building in this style will also allow for more densely organized houising, maximizing land usage while offering an intimate, community-oriented feel found in Old World Mexican pueblos. Homeowners will have access to a beach club with an infinity edge pool, hammocks and lounges on the beach. Spectacular views, fresh organic meals and exceptional service will be offered from the al fresco beachside restaurant and bar.
Natural surroundings are kept in a largely untouched state, juxtaposing the striking ocean and tranquil beach with a mangrove ecosystem that will also provide a backdrop to many of the development’s eco-focused lifestyle. Cars will not be allowed : a covered parking area located at the entrance of the development will be available to the owners. Walking paths will encourage a healthy lifestyle, and electric golf carts will deliver owners right to their front doors.

To maximize on the “greenness” of the community, each house will have its own solar power array for electricity as well as solar hot water, and plumbing will connect to community gray water recycling system, and sewage treatment plant.

The Boca de Iguanas is for couples and families seeking wellness of being, physical activities, cultural encounters, and luxurious surroundings packaged in a complete high-end vacation experience.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Want a job or just info on the new Boca de Iguanas

Independent Sales Representatives

Description: Mixed use real estate developer looking for seasoned independent real estate contractors to serve as regional sales representatives for ecological beachfront development project in Costalegre, Mexico.

The Boca de Iguanas development project is a multi-phased mixed use eco-development consisting of 40 single family homes and pre-sale condominium units on 18 acres of spectacular jungle-strewn beachfront property that shares its site with a 10-room boutique hotel, beach club, holistic spa and ecological reserve.

The target market is upwardly mobile couples, young-minded retirees and families in the Western U.S. and Canada seeking a cutting-edge yet natural community whose devotion to conservation is reflected in built-in bioclimactic architecture, underground wiring, supplemental solar power generation, onsite composting, grey water recycling and environmental stewardship programs.

We are seeking highly motivated, dynamic sales associates who are commissioned based and who will handle negotiations and closings for multiple real estate transactions. The sales representative is based in his/her home region with possible travel to Mexico for scheduled appointments and onsite sales presentations with leads generated. Must demonstrate strong organizational and communications skills, and must possess a valid real estate license for the REGION.

Here's a link to the original job Ad
Fotos taken within the last few months of construction, the restaurant and the pool ...

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